Jul 30

Transparencia en el BCE

Draghi tendrá que explicar su pertenencia a un lobby de la banca

Jul 09

The relevance for Transparency: E.Dans

Jul 04

Pharma industry under audit by the US Gov for influencing doctors -

Pharma sector is a key piece in the real effect of lack of transparency on economy. As one of the IBM studies shows, Health system is the most inefficient of all - just followed by governement itself. Improving this lack of efficiency in the HC system needs transparency as a critical actor.

Sartorius and the effect of capitalism on democracy -

Nicolás Sartorious clearly identify the issue of transparency and its effects on the quality of democracy. Obviously he gives answers to this challenge from an old-fahioned socialdemocratic perspective.

The Barclays gate is becoming the Libor case -

The information provided by Diamond - the former CEO of Barclays - seems to show that providing fake data to Libor was an usual practice in the City, even promoted and protected by UK gov.

May 07

The ingenuity gap -

Can we solve the problems of the future? Thomas Homer-Dixon tackles this question in a groundbreaking study of a world becoming too complex and too fast-paced to manage.

The king economist -

The influence of economic - science - paradigm and its relevance in democratic decisions.

Globalization and democracy -

Assuming that some countries have more relevant influence on the decision made at supranational levels - i.e. EU, WTO… - because of their relative relevance of the GDP is exactly the same of assuming economic power as to be represented in democratic institutions.

El dinero y la política tienen una relación demasiado estrecha -

Relations between money and democratic power

May 02

Salvados: Las cuentas claras -

Salvados TV shows interviewing politicians on public funding, private donations…